About our company

Who we are

Founded in 2013, Russell Philips Limited is a specialist consultancy that designs and delivers Business Continuity Management services to businesses who are actively seeking to improve their operational resilience.  Our services include the design and implementation of Crisis Management Plans and the training of those responsible for leading your organisation out of any period of crisis.  We also develop Contingency Plans that address your organisation’s most egregious risks.  We prepare your people and your business so that, whenever disruptions occur, you have the plans and capability in place to overcome them.

What we do

At Russell Philips Limited, we add value to our clients’ businesses by strengthening their organisational resilience and improving their ability to overcome disruptions as and when they occur.  We do so by designing and implementing industry leading Business Continuity Management programmes with their associated mitigation and response capabilities.  By helping them adopt business continuity best practice, our clients protect their bottom line; safeguard their reputation; and ensure that they gain a competitive advantage when others are adversely affected by disruptions.

Why we do it

We live in an increasingly volatile World within which our businesses are constantly exposed to a wide, and growing, variety of threats any one of which may disrupt our business operations.  At the same time, our businesses have to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment where success or failure can be determined by the very narrowest of margins.  Given the inevitability of disruptive events, those who take active measures to respond, recover, resume and restore their business-critical outputs are bound to prevail.

Our People

We recognise the sensitivity of our work, and always maintain complete discretion.

Our clients

We support businesses across a diverse range of sectors who are seeking to protect their value chains and their reputation by bolstering their operational resilience. We work directly with our clients and their key Third Party Providers to ensure that they have the full range of Business Continuity Management capabilities.
We are proud to support: