Mphanga Kamanga-Dyrbak is an expert in crisis management and contingency planning.  She has over 15 years of professional experience in understanding development challenges and policy across Sub-Saharan Africa.  She has advised senior UK Government officials as well as the network of crisis cadres within the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in missions across sub-Sahara Africa.  In addition, she has advised a similar range of non-governmental organisations in sharing best practice in crisis management and has delivered strategic guidance at policy and operational level.

Mphanga has an exceptional network and expertise in East and West Africa within risk management, crisis response, information management, logistics and security.  Working at the heart of HMG crisis response, over the last 5 years she has created mission contingency plans for crucial HMG business hubs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania as well as in high-risk countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia and others in the Sahel region.  During the COVID pandemic, she provided planning and assistance for the ordered repatriation of UK nationals and in 2021 supported the HMG evacuation effort from Kabul.  She also assisted UK Heads of Mission in developing and delivering their response to the 2019 Ethiopian Airlines disaster.

Her deep understanding of the psychology and impact of crises on people and organisations make her a sought-after crisis management trainer and facilitator.