Failure to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail…

… and no one would wish to be guilty of that!

We prepare your business… just in case…

At Russell Philips, we add value to your business by strengthening your organisational resilience and improving your ability to overcome disruptions as and when they occur.  We do so by designing and implementing industry leading Business Continuity Management programmes with their associated mitigation and response capabilities.  By helping you adopt business continuity best practice, you protect your bottom line; safeguard your reputation; and ensure that you gain a competitive advantage when others are adversely affected by disruptions.

What We Do

Business Impact Analysis

Business Continuity Plans

Crisis Management Plans

Contingency Plans

Training & Exercises

Business Continuity improves your Operational Resilience

Our clients will tell you that we produce results.

We support businesses across a diverse range of sectors who are seeking to protect their value chains and their reputation by bolstering their operational resilience. We work directly with our clients and their key Third Party Providers to ensure that they have the full range of Business Continuity Management capabilities.
We are proud to support: